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Papo Asian Elephant Toy Figure


Papo Asian Elephant Toy Figure

0.66 LBS

Product Description

Following the extinction of its ancestor the Mammoth, the

Asian elephant is today the world's largest land mammal after the African

elephant! what distinguishes it from its African cousin are its shorter ears,

its smaller size and its trunk, which has a single lip at the end while there

are two on the African elephant. The trunk is actually an extension of their

lip and nose, enabling them to communicate, carry water and food to their

mouths, pull and carry branches, and to make sounds. Their tusks are comprised

of ivory and enamel and are actually two teeth, which are used as a tool and

as a defensive weapon in combat. Elephants live in herds of around 20 at a

time and are LED by a matriarch, which is the oldest female in the Group. They

spend most of their time looking for food. They mostly eat leaves, the

branches of bushes or trees, fruit or bark. As an age-old symbol of wisdom,

they are extremely well known for their intelligence and memory, which is

where we get the expression "to have a memory like an elephant". From the

Manufacturer The perfect start to your wild animal collection. This Asian

elephant has his trunk pointing downward and has large tusks. The adult

animals are about 5.5" long. More than 15 years ago, Papo decided to create

animals, princesses, dragons and knights. They strive to manufacture long-

lasting, beautiful toys. Quality of the design and materials used remains

their main concern. Another special characteristic of their figurines is the

care in the details and postures, which gives the impression that the

figurines are animated. Each are hand painted and are manufactured to very

strict specifications. Lastly, Papo figures are created to assist the support

of play and development. The diversity of their products and the interaction

of different worlds also stimulate the creativity and imagination of children

of all ages.
  • Develops dexterity and sparks the imagination
  • Dimensions: 6,69 x 2,36 x 3,94 inches
  • Beautifully finished and durable
  • Asian elephant has his trunk pointing downward and has large tusks
  • About 5.5" long
  • Papo strives to manufacture long-lasting, high quality beautiful toys
  • Each are hand painted
  • Part of the Wild Animal Collection
  • Size : 6.69 x 2.76 x 3.94 inches

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